WHAT’s NEXT? LAAGP 2019-2021

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We are currently seeking museums and funders to launch across a cohort of art museums in 2019 to 2021.

Building off a successful pilot program at the Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, we will expand LAAGP to take place simultaneously across a cohort of 3-5 art museums in a particular U.S. region. As art museums make moves to become more diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive (DEAI), we aim to support internal initiatives through a provocative, and participatory art project that reaches beyond existing viewership and activates the collective imagination.

What institutions will you work with?

To steward the impact of our critic’s insights, we will: 1. Partner only with museums who can commit to serious consideration of critiques and suggested changes and 2. Collaborate from the start with audience researcher Peter Linett and change management leader Janeen Bryant to capitalize on opportunities for knowledge produced through LAAGP to contribute to the greater DEI movement.

What does this look like at my institution?

Part of our interest as artists is collaborating with museum staff to design a project that is tailored to its unique context. Here’s the general idea: We imagine hosting 20 critics at each museum, paying them $25/hr to engage in group critiques, interviews, partnered activities, and co-authored evaluations. We’ll then commission local artists to partner with our critics to create art interventions that engage the critiques generated. We aim to receive, position, and present our critics’ knowledge as expert and change-worthy through the production of a documentary video, the publication of their critiques, and the orchestration of unlikely forms of exchange—critics will speak with museum staff, present at art conferences, be published, and collaborate with artists on interventions at the museum.

How will this be sustainable?

We’ll recruit critics through advertisement in public transit and by tapping into museums’ community partnerships—many of which have members that do not visit art museums. By integrating LAAGP with existing partnerships, we’ll set up conditions for sustained engagement.

How can I learn more?

Email us. We can provide more information on where we are right now and provide more details about our plans.



Since creating the program we have built a strong, nimble, and supportive network of curators, artists, activists, museum workers, consultants, and institutions.

OUR ADVISORS, : Laura Raicovich (Former ED, Queens Museum), Janeen Bryant (Facilitate Movement), Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell (Curatorally), Working Artists for the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.). Monica Montgomery (Museum Hue Founder), Margaret Middleton, Charmaine Jefferson (Executive Director, California African American Museum).

UNIVERSITY PARTNERS: University of Illinois Chicago (Museum and Exhibition Studies Program), Haverford College’s Hurford Center for the Humanities, Brown University Public Humanities Program, NYU Steinhardt Visual Arts Administration MA.

FUNDING: Mellon-funded residency through Haverford College, National Arts Strategies Fellowship, Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, Providence Art Culture and Tourism.